Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Who Knows

© Melissa Gaggiano
    I have all sorts of ideas rolling around in my head. Nothing new about that. I've never really been linear or singular about the things I make.

    A couple of months ago I sculpted these doll limbs, then left them to sit, not really knowing what I wanted to do with them next. This week I pulled out those sculpted limbs and took to some freestyle painting. There's something about the boots that remind me of Astroboy, and the arms must have been inspired by the cold weather because they look like woolly knitted sleeves. There's no telling what will happen next. I might leave the limbs just as they are. Or I may create a body and head next.

© Melissa Gaggiano

Friday, 29 April 2016

Hannah Done

    The Hannah doll is now complete. Yeah! To make this doll I used the body pattern from the previous Keira doll pattern, and… I used the leg pattern piece from my mermaid pattern for the limbs of the Hannah doll.

The Hannah Doll

    A new doll is in the works. I name thee… I mean her the Hannah doll. She partly came together last night while watching a Dr Who rerun.
    The Hannah doll is made of broad cloth and stretchy shirt material. I chose materials that can survive rough kids play. Her facial features are painted using Posca pens. Love those pens! Really I do.
© Melissa Gaggiano

Thursday, 28 April 2016

5 Minutes with Joshua David McKenney

Joshua David McKenney
with Pidgin

    Joshua David McKenney is an inimitable, and celebrated lifestyle and fashion illustrator. Some of his clients include Harper Collins, Penguin Group, Saatchi Group, Scholastic Books, Elle Girl, Seventeen Magazine, Girl’s Life, Innovative Kids, Mattel, MAC cosmetics, and Nylon Magazine
    Beginning in 2009, Joshua's iconic fashion silhouettes took a three dimensional transformation with the creation and development of Pidgin, the fashion doll with a fan art following.
    And now Joshua takes 5 minutes:

Best breakfast ever…
is being spent a little hungover with friends and a bottle of champagne.

5 books I keep close by are...
Miss Piggy’s Guide To Life­ Miss Piggy (as told by Henry Beard) 
The Biba Experience by Alwyn W Turner
Your Beauty Mark​ by Dita Von Teese

Mel Odom ­ First Eyes by Hiroko Tanaka
The Lonely Doll​ by Dare Wright 

Looking out the window I see...
Other windows.
JD McKenney: self portrait

I haven’t done this yet, but I would really like to...
Go to Barcelona and Berlin.

To get the creative juices flowing I usually...
just start working. It takes a bit of time but I find the best way to be creative is to start making things your hands and see what comes out.

My all time favourite Pidgin design is...
usually whichever doll I’m currently working on.

If Pidgin were a song she would be...
Georgy Girl by the Seekers.

Thank you Joshua, for your mentor-like generosity. You are pure awesome sauce.

For more information about Joshua and the elusive Pidgin:

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Thursday, 21 April 2016


Things/objects/items that can bring about a sense of contentment…
© Melissa Gaggiano

Keira the Cheerleader

© Melissa Gaggiano

World meet Keira the Cheerleader.

It had been a while since I had made a doll. Yesterday I made this one for my youngest. Made in record time - 4 hours and working from an untested pattern which I made up on the spot. The best part was painting the face using Posca pens. The painted detail give the doll so much more character.

Kid's concept drawing for the doll.