Saturday, 16 August 2008

For Better Or For Even Better

I would like to talk about a wonderful comic strip which I have been following on and off since I was a child. It is titled For Better Or For Worse and created by the genuinely clever and tender artist - Lynn Johnston. This comic strip has been running since 1979 and part of its magic is that it grows with you - it has a story that develops in real time.

Below is an example of Lynn's comic strip work as it appears on her website.

I first encountered the For Better Or For Worse comic strip in newspapers and now I can have my daily grind of it 
online. I just cannot seem to finish my day without reading the latest strip - a testament to Lynn's ability.

Check out For Better Or For Worse online and you will see other great features in addition to the comic strip. Such as a presentation titled The Making of a Comic Strip explaining the process of making a comic strip. This is a quite a useful reference for anyone interested in becoming a comic strip artist.

Three cheers for Lynn Johnston for sharing both her comic strip For Better Or For Worse as well as her time and background knowledge of a story that so many love to read.