Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Green Bean Baby

Today I wish to share my appreciation for an Illustrator with incredible talent. Her name is Ellia and is otherwise known as Green Bean Baby whom hails from Milwaukee, USA. Ellia's illustrative speciality is with paper cuts (not to be confused with the kind that require bandages and Dettol).

I first came across Ellia's gorgeous artwork through Flickr about two years ago, and since then she continues to be one of my most favorite artists. Having a bad day? Never mind, just take a peak at Ellia's work and it is sure to lift your dire mood.

For me to describe what I like about Ellia's work would be the same as explaining what I liked about Birthday and Christmas when I was a child. Her work is bright, colourful, whimsical, magical, innocent and all sweetness. It is a visual feast in a candy shop. It is the packaging for what could be the most beautiful doll in the world.

Ellia has launched her artwork in a number of directions. Her art pieces can be found on cards, stationery, notebooks and even magnets. There seems to be no limit to Ellia's imagination and there is certainly more to come from this talented lady.

To catch more of Ellia's work online simply visit these links:
Green Bean Baby previewing her art at Flickr
Green Bean Baby selling her art at Etsy
Green Bean Baby blogging her thoughts at Typepad

Thank you to Ellia for allowing me to share her artwork.