Sunday, 21 September 2008

Inspirational Board Friday

Two days late, here is my latest inspiration board for the end of last week.

I think this board says it all. I am a big fan of No Doubt. When they achieved critical acclaim in 1997 I was curious about them, particularly with Gwen Stefani. I was like 'Wow! A girl can lead a band of boys and dress like that and just be so individual!?!' I was intrigued.

Then years down the track my husband, M-Boo, got me into the band more fully and we finally got our hands on their entire catalogue. I was pretty rapped by this, because when you get into a band you want to hear all their work and listen to the progression/evolution. And to me No Doubt has been a very progressive band. They are what they have always been, but they always give something just a bit more with each new album, I think.