Wednesday, 8 October 2008

What am I reading?

Just thought I would mention... I am currently reading a book called The Heart Garden, written by Janine Burke. It is the life story of Sunday Reed and her home Heide.
Sunday Reed is a fascinating woman, particularly for her time and breeding. I am still reading the early chapters of the book but so far my favorite quote has been the following:
"That is a very important thing... to have enough dark in your picture to give significance to your light." - Atyeo
I know that this is technical art reference, yet I cannot help believing that this can also mean so much more in life.
Reading about Sunday makes me wish that I had the chance to meet this woman in real life. The best I can do however is to simply enjoy reading about her and imagining that I might have known her well had she been born in my time. Perhaps in reading about her I feel that I am partly looking at myself in the mirror.