Sunday, 14 December 2008

Free Baby Shirt Pattern

For all those keen about making homemade garments I am providing pattern pieces for the basic baby shirt (size 000) which I created last week, as per the following photo. The pattern pieces include a:
  • front
  • back
  • sleeve
  • collar

This pattern is an excellent starting point for people who want to sew and need to start small. It doesn't get any smaller than a shirt made for baby (well almost).


Feel free to download the following two picture files should you wish to sew your own baby shirts. The pattern can also be used to make shirts for small-to-largish teddy bears. And feel free to add embellishments, such as embroidery if you are that way inclined. 

Baby Shirt 000 Pattern 1 of 2
Baby Shirt 000 Pattern 2 of 2
When printing out the two downloaded picture files follow the notes provided to ensure the pieces come out at the correct size. And remember:
  • seam allowances are 1 cm.
  • Use t shirt fabric (stretchy - knit)

Enjoy and have lots of fun with this very simple pattern.

Postscript: With the arrival of my bub, I discovered that my pattern was a somewhat teenie for a triple 0 clothing size. In retrospect I would suggest that this shirt be more appropriate for a newborn baby. Also add a few extra centimetres to the length of the shirt so it can be tucked into pants and skirts.

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