Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Seam Star Without the Stress

Emjie Fashions
Do you have an appreciation for fashion? Or perhaps you wish to enhance your wardrobe but do not feel confident in your sewing skills. I know how that feels, and was recently inspired to find blogs out there that can inspire and provide great advice on homemade sewing.

The world of fashion is changing and many people are wanting to return to the basics and be able to make their own garments. In the current economic enviroment this can be useful. I can also say that it is wonderfully satisfying having designed and sewn an outfit by oneself.

Below is a small blogroll of sites that cover fashion themes such as sewing, vintage styles. All of which can be useful for you if you are wanting a wardrobe more customised to your style and on a moderate budget.

Check out the following sites. You just might find something that you rather like.
If you know of other blog sites that cover homemade fashion feel free to make a reference in the comments.

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