Monday, 19 January 2009

Strawberry Heart

A New Life Begins (Gwen) - aka Strawberry Heart

I have had an interesting day:
  • Tonight hubby and I demolished a delicious bunnet of strawberries. 
  • And today I have been in the early phase of stage 1 labour. So I have been sucking it up (almost literally - eating ice cubes and zoopa doopa icy poles for relief).
Feeling happy and inspired by the pending birth, I quickly doodled the above illustration. It is a strawberry heart.

Thinking about strawberries, reminds me of a doll I had when I was a little girl - Strawberry Shortcake. I loved that little doll.

I then decided I really would like to bake a Strawberry Shortcake in the near future, and so found this recipe online which I'll give a go sometime.