Thursday, 12 February 2009

Homemade Money Box

Today I created a very cute, feminine money box for my baby girl, Gwen, using an empty baby formula tin.

Firstly, using an art knife I cut out a rectangular hole (roughly 5 mm x 4 cm) down the central point of the plastic lid that comes with the tin. I made sure the hole was long enough to take a 50 cent coin and wide enough for a $2 coin.

The cutout hole in the lid.

Secondly, after measuring up the wall of the tin with a dress makers tape measure I created a design in Photoshop and printed it off. In this case I required A3 paper for the design to fit the tin when completed.

Gwen's Money Box
My Photoshop design for the outside wall of the tin.

Thirdly, I crop my print out with an art knife and metal ruler. Then using PVA woodworking glue (I practically use this stuff for almost any art project that requires gluing), I attach the design to the outside wall of the tin cylinder, then allow to dry. 

The end result - a very pretty homemade money box.