Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Romancing the Handmade Pirate

Recently I commissioned Evie of Handmade Romance to create for my baby girl a plush pirate princess. Originally I came across Evie's gorgeous pirate design when she provided a doll for Meet Me At Mikes 'Softies For Mirabel'. I was so enchanted by the doll, which resulted in my contacting Evie for the commissioned creation of the below pictured doll.

It was an exciting morning as the doll arrived in the post for little Gwen and the little pirate is too cute for words. Even M-Boo stopped to admire her and all the little details that were put in. She is a unique doll. She comes with all the accessories that a pirate needs - a swashbuckling sword, an eye patch, a parrot that sits on the shoulder, a 'skull and cross bones' shirt, and deep skirt pockets for all that pirate gold. I even noticed a sweet little tag on the skirt, with the letter G stitched in (I suspect to be a reference to Gwen's name). I also love the detail that was put into the doll face - the eyes are stunning. Evie certainly went all out on this project.

The pirate princess watches over sleeping Gwen

The pirate princess makes herself at home.

Thank you Evie! You did a marvelous job in creating Gwen's doll.