Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Brain Fart

What is the driving force behind my artwork?

I have been a doodler and self taught crafter since I was a kid. But as I got older I became static in my creativity. Then in my early 20s I got back into painting as a way to kick depression that kept settling in. Those early paintings were very simple and incorporated a lot of dark colours. Then I felt a need to start drawing and painting bright and happy pieces. After all these years I need to keep myself busy with art projects. Art has become my medication. And the more I do the better I feel.

As for process it really does vary. Sometimes an idea will come to me in a matter of minutes and I know exactly what I want to do. Other art ideas stew for months and even years before I formally put pencil to paper.

Inspiration comes from movies, music videos, books, listening to music and other artists. Seeing what other artists are doing helps my own development, because sometimes I see a piece of art and say, “I never thought of doing it like that.” I make a mental note of that particular effect, and later on it is something that I might experiment with in my artwork. I am a massive fan of
SHAG and years back I did a series of pictures which were heavily influenced by his style. Since then I would say that SHAG is still an influence but I have stripped back a bit so that my work is still ‘very me’. These days I am also inspired by the likes of Catalina Estrada and Tom Bagshaw.
My style is still evolving to this day. And I do not think I will always be satisfied with what I do. When I finish a piece of art I think, “That was great! But with the next piece of art I can do it so much better”.

Leave a comment and tell me what drives and influences your art?