Sunday, 31 May 2009

I have been bitten!

Okay! So what? I am hooked, line and sinker... on the vampire story Twilight.

It all happened on a Thursday night. Just last week. I drift off into an eventful sleep. Three times that night I dreamt of nothing but Twilight. Which is funny considering the only thing I knew of the film came from the trailers I had viewed several months back. And even more strange was that I hadn't even been thinking about Twilight.

So Friday morning I awaken with an irrepressible urge. I must buy the film Twilight.

I visited Southland, picked up the film at JB, then on my way out I stop off at the bookshop. 'What the heck! I'll go all the way'. I bought the book Twilight, written by Stephenie Meyer, which the film was based on.

I have now watched the film. Twice!

I am reading the book, nice and slowly so I can absorb the words. I normally have this habit of practically speed reading through my books.

My computer desktop now has rotating Twilight wallpaper.

Oh yeah! And I now have the soundtrack.

I have been bitten. I always did like a good vampire film, dating back to The Lost Boys. And now this story is perfect for me, because it is actually a love story rather than being horror based. Swoon.