Thursday, 7 May 2009

My Creative Space...

My Creative Space...

Reality sets in as the candle burns from both ends. Last week I had hoped to have completed pattern making and sewing Gwen's new Autumn clothes. But with so many other things that also needed doing, this particular project has been on the back burner. However today is my day for making some corrections to the shirt and pant patterns. Then hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get a couple of outfits all done for Gwen to wear by the weekend.

Last week I showed some drafts of a new illustration series. I worked a bit on that over the week, and if you follow this link, you will see the first completed illustration. If you follow this second link you will see my latest draft for the second illustration in that series.

Also tonight I plan to prepare a shepherd's pie loosely based on Claire Robertson's blogged recipe. I bought myself a casserole baking dish the other day so I can pull this off. This in itself I consider to be creative because heaven only knows how my cooking turns out.

I am now reading "Sense & Sensibility" by Jane Austen. Where would my sanity be without my reading books?