Saturday, 30 May 2009

Will I ever find Oxford Town?

Okay! I've had to make a decision regarding my zines. I will take a long break from making zines because it is distracting me from my normal illustrative work as well as keeping this blog up to date.

So now that little trauma has been settled I can do something special with this blog entry. I am including the few bits and pieces of artwork that was originally intended for my now defunct zine. I had a specific theme, titled "I have not found Oxford Town". Oxford Town is kind of my 'Never Never Land'. It is my own sanctuary. It also represents a peaceful frame of mind and was first inspired by a David Bowie tune (I have not been to Oxford Town) covered by Zoe Poledouris in Starship Troopers. Oxford Town is a place just over the horizon. It is an inner peace that I continue to struggle for. Anyway here are some of the happy snaps...

"Welcome to my world, the dream within. Welcome to Oxford Town."

You follow her into a strange world. You are disturbed, but you do not leave.

She calls to you. Her lips never move. She continues to beckon.

You move toward her and yet, your legs never moved.

You are now standing on a pavillion floating over an inpenetrable abyss.

There are others. Here. You know them. Yet you do not recognise them.

Slowly they move, dancing together to a song that only they can hear.

Look again. They now stand still, as statues. You remember the girl.

Your arms wrap around her, her scent engulfs you. Your desire has been declared.

You want her. You think you need her. Not a word is spoken, but you know what she feels.

The world is dissolving, and all that remains are your tears and the memory of her warmth.