Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Words & Pictures - Careful


When I knew I was pregnant I made great efforts to be
careful of what I ate. I ate when I needed to and rationed out junk food intake. I also made a conscious decision to not drink alcohol. I even stuck to this rule in the final weeks of the pregnancy even though some people were saying it wouldn't hurt the baby (I didn't believe them). 

When Gwen was born, she was perfect and being that she was my first baby I was very careful and held her like a fragile china doll. Gwen is now four months old and I have gotten so used to holding her, that I needn't worry about hurting her. I have discovered that while babies need protection they are also quite durable and have their own strength and resistance.

Michael and I will have to be more careful with language that we use around the home. Babies catch on fast, and we would rather Gwen grow up using more appropriate words to express herself. By teaching Gwen to be a better person, Michael and I also improve ourselves.

We will teach Gwen to be careful when handling the cat, and to be gentle with animals in general. In teaching her to care for other creatures it can help bring out a nurturing side to her character. In so doing she will also learn to be good to other people.

This blog has been a response to Pip's (Meet Me At Mike's) blog theme "Words & Pictures".