Friday, 15 May 2009

Words & Pictures - Remember?

1980 #3

Remember? ... I remember standing on the rear end of my plush dog many times, throughout childhood. He had a big yellow spot on his back and I thought that was a target for standing on. As a result he was nice and thick on one side and very flat on the other end.

Remember? ... I remember going yabby fishing with Lee, Alex and Dale when I was about ten. I wasn't good at fishing, so while everyone else caught bucket loads of yabbies I didn't get a single bite. On the way back home, the boys took some yabbies out of their buckets and placed into mine. When we got back to their house the boys let the adults believe that I had done as well as them at yabby fishing. Later that evening we discovered the yabbies were missing from the buckets. Very likely some local birds had a good feed.

Remember? ... I remember when I was about four or five, I was over at my best friend's (Julianne Day) house. We were at the backdoor and it slammed shut on my hand. I remember the immensely horrific pain it caused. I also remember Julianne's Mum massaging my hand and making it feel better.

Remember? ... I remember playing with my Barbie car when I was about nine. Dad comes along and has a great idea. He takes a long piece of string and loops it through the front of the pink car. I am then able to walk around the yard with my Barbie car trailing along behind me.

Remember? ... I remember having a costume day at school and I went dressed as a native American. My hair was tied in two plaits and when one bobble fell out 'I fell to pieces' on the belief that with only one plait my costume was ruined. Some kids calmed me down and kindly said I looked more authentic with only one plait. and the rest of my hair hanging loose.

Remember? ... I remember celebrating the Fourth of July when I was about four. I lived in Woomera at a time when it was occupied by the Australian and American Air Force. At times we celebrated with the Americans, with events like Independence Day. And I remember watching the parade during the day as it passed down the road through the heart of Woomera. Later that evening there was a rock band that performed below a beautiful firework display going off in the near pitch black sky.

Remember? ... I remember when I was about four, standing outside late at night, in a play area attached to some building (possibly a school). I stopped playing and gazed straight up at the milky way and was in complete awe at the shear size of the universe and realizing how small I was in comparison. It both terrified me and left me in awe at it's natural beauty.

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