Tuesday, 16 June 2009

My Cat Came From Outer Space

Piper, my cat is a very clumsy creature, always doing things like falling off tables and ledges. The following short poem is inspired by Piper and is told from the perspective of a child.


I have a pet cat.
But between you and I,
I do not think she is really a cat.
She doesn’t behave,
The way most cats rave.
She falls off tabletops,
With an earth shuddering flop.
Mum and Dad get a laugh, and say,
“She must be from another planet.”
Me though, I do have to wonder.
Watching my cat take another blunder.
Could it be that, my cat is an alien?
It would explain why she dances to Lily Allen.
Sometimes around the corner, I spy,
I am sure I have seen her fly.
At night she watches the stars by my window,
Perhaps waiting for a ship to take her in tow.