Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Knitting into Finity

Here is one for knitters, and fans of the film "Coraline"...

When you were a child did you ever look at your dolls, toy cars, and doll houses and wonder what it would be like to walk around in the micro world. I sure did.  Well, Althea Crome is a woman who considered what it would be like to take normal, every day objects and scaling them down exactly into miniature.

Althea and her craft first came to my attention while reading Knit Knit. Since my teen years I have had a fascination for the art of miniatures so I was naturally curious to find out if Althea had a website, to look at more of her work.

Did you know that the collection of miniatures was initially a serious hobby for adults. That is, for those who had the financial means to do so. My understanding is that the crafting of miniatures was so specialized that it was an expensive hobby. Now today, it can still be expensive, but with the crafting renaissance, and more people going DIY, miniature collecting need not be for an exclusive club.

I highly recommend you check out Althea's website at: