Thursday, 23 July 2009

My Creative Space...

Well, as mentioned in an earlier post, I completed sewing up my Alice Cullen-esque dress. Follow this link to see the dress.

This week I am also hosting my first ever giveaway. Do check it out at this link. As an added incentive, I'll just say that it is all about owls. Need I say more.

I joined 1 Million Women in a bid to lower my own carbon footprint. This in itself will be an ongoing creative project.

I have taken a greater interest in knitting and crochet, so my next big thing on this front is simply practicing the various techniques. Then I am thinking of attempting to make a teeny cardigan to go with my Alice Cullen dress.

I also have a lot of thoughts shuffling around in my head of potential drawing projects. I'll need to document these in my sketch book just so I can sort through it all. One idea I am playing with (actually an old idea of mine) is drawing a cat alphabet. The concept came from my own cat who likes to pose and sleep in some amazing back bending positions. And I thought that I could create new typography based on that. Maybe.

Head on over to Kootoyoo to see more fantastic creative spaces.