Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Grace Gichuhi & Teresia Ndikaru Muturi

This year I became a first time mother of a darling baby girl. And my perspective of the world has greatly changed because of Gwen. When I hear about injustice done to other females, and by their own 'flesh & blood', I cannot fathom the heartlessness of people, who would treat their daughters like cattle. 

Today I read a blog entry over at Pocket Carnival written by Penny Eager, which drew my attention to a news article about two Kenyan girls (Grace Gichuhi & Teresia Ndikaru Muturi) trying, with no success, to achieve refugee status in Australia. If sent back to Kenya these two girls face forced genital mutilation.

When a single voice joins a collective we are more likely to be heard. You can send the following message to both Senator Chris Evans (Minister for Immigration & Citizenship) and Prime Minister Kevin Rudd:

Dear Senator Evans/Prime Minister,
I have just heard of the case of Grace Gichuhi & Teresia Ndikaru Muturi, two women from Kenya who have been denied status as refugees.
I believe that the torturous practise of genital mutilation is abhorrent, and that to deny these women refugee visas is to take a weak stance on this issue.
I urge you to intervene in this case, not only to help these women, but also to send a clear message to Kenya that Australia does not condone these practises.
[insert your name]