Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Gwen's Seamstress Legacy

What isn't there to like about Gwen Stefani? In person she is a well mannered girl from Orange County, who can then transform into an absolute firestorm on stage. She is a talented songbird. A mother of two who is proving that it is possible to still wear a mini skirt after the age of thirty (thank you very much). Plus she has managed to stake a claim in the fashion world (no easy task).

It can be said that Gwen's interest in fashion has been nurtured on two fronts. Most talked about of course being her collaboration with stylist Andrea Lieberman. But let's not forget Gwen's genetic legacy... her Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother were all seamstresses.

"My Great Grandma used to start on New Year's day, which was her birthday, and she would sew every person in her family a quilt and, like, flannel pajamas and then the next Christmas you'd get it."
- Gwen

So it was not uncommon for Gwen's clothes to have come straight off the domestic sewer, rather than off the rack. In fact Gwen herself was known for sewing her own costumes in the early days of No Doubt.

"Everyone knew not to walk in my room without shoes on 'cause of the pins."
- Gwen