Wednesday, 16 September 2009

I ♥ Japan

Today I have the warm fuzzies. You know that lovely feeling in the pit of stomach, when you've eaten something lovely or someone has said something nice about you? Well, in this instance it is because I received a lovely email from Katharine of Woolly Wotnots fame...

Dear Melissa,
Today, I received a most wonderful surprise. I couldn't believe it. Your very generous and most amazing pay it forward parcel arrived today.
Thank you so so much.
I was absolutely overwhelmed by what you had made me. You are so kind. So much work and care.
I love love love the Japanese dolls.
How did you know I like so much, Japanese things? :)
I've really been interested in Japan culture, ever since reading Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Holden. Have you read the book? I recommend it as a top read.
The presentation with the compartments is so sweet and I love the little carpet they sit on and all the individual hair styles. They look fantastic.
I will treasure your gift forever.
It is so unique and special.
Thank you also for the zine and the little cute notebook.
I have enjoyed reading your zine and I'm going to think of something special for the notebook - perhaps some special poems.
Thank you again.
You're so lovely and kind.

Katharine, I am so please that you like the pay it forward gift. May the rest of your day be as lovely.