Wednesday, 23 September 2009

I Went to the Circus

Well actually, it was Arthur's Circus, a quaint, nostalgic shop in North Melbourne. I went to the opening night of an art exhibit titled Milkbar's, Laundromats & Urban Beauty, which was co-curated by Gemma Jones and Natalie Jeffcott.

The exhibit explores faded memories of the past as they appear in the urban environment. So between the shop itself and the exhibit there was no doubt of the nostalgia I felt, when walking around looking at everything. I recall the milkbars of my childhood with fondness, because if you were really lucky, you would walk out with a little paper bag filled with sweet candy. On truly hot days you could have a paddle pop icecream - my favourite was rainbow flavour. And when you were in need of a fast snack, it was a can of orange soft drink and a sausage roll.

Another noticeable name included in the exhibit was Eamo whose polaroid work was on display. As well as being a photographer, he is foremost an Illustrator, whose style is nostalgic for the Australia that we knew in the 80s. You can visit his blog here.

I spoke with the lovely Gemma Jones, for a bit. Her photographic work was on floor tiles. For the past year or so this has been her photographic passion. 

Baby Gwen, came with me to the exhibit and also enjoyed herself. She got to look at lots of vintage toys, and new homemade, and knitted toys. There was a toy tree house that was just so. Why don't toy companies make product like that anymore?