Monday, 28 September 2009

Something Funny

Last Friday evening I began reading an art book titled Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. That night I managed to read a few chapters, and even read aloud some passages to my husband as he played his computer games. I also managed to fit in some of the drawing tutorials from the book. With all this drawing related stimulation in my head, and reading about both hemispheres of my brain, it was no surprise what happened next...

It was late by the time I went to bed, but when I drifted off to sleep, my mind was still whirling about all this right brain-left brain material. So when at midnight, my husband got up to take care of something, I sat bolt upright like a vampire and declared that 'the right brain is better than the left brain'. I am told that I looked precisely like The Doctor (David Tennant of Dr Who) at that moment. I then hit the pillow and was asleep straight away.

The next morning, I had a feeling that something interesting happened in my sleep, so I asked my husband about it. And that is when I learnt what happened.