Wednesday, 30 September 2009

What's Hot + What's Not

This is a response to Claire's Hot + Not list.

When it is hot:
  1. We have been having lovely weather in Victoria the past few days. A combination of rain and sunshine. Perfect.
  2. Pip organising a doll collection for Mirabel. And yes, I have already made a donation.
  3. Meeting Gemma Jones at her photo exhibition last week. She is a darling lady.
  4. Thinking about future craft projects... I want to make Dad a panda doll. Also a friend is about to do her final year 12 exams, so am going to prepare for her a treat — chocolate and a homemade 'something'.
  5. Seeing my garlic beginning to sprout after planting.

When it is not:
  1. The hurricane that has affected the Philipines. Never good news when natural disasters hit town.
  2. Poor baby Gwen having trouble sleeping during the day, possibly from teething.
  3. Getting a roast chicken for dinner and discovering that it is so small it'll only last one night.
  4. Sitting down on the toilet and then discovering someone hasn't replaced the toilet paper.
  5. Still waiting for all the other seeds that I have planted to sprout. It is a long wait.