Monday, 26 October 2009

Bonjour Bébé

Whenever I get my baby up for a meal, I exclaim the words, ‘bonjour bébé’, to her immense delight. I, my good friends, am what is known as a Francophile. For the uninitiated this simply means I have a deep seated passion for French culture.

Today, after a visit to the library I returned with a selection of books covering a wide variety of French subject matter. Such as history, biography of Madame de Pompadour, guide to travel in France, autobiographical experiences of those living in France.

One of the books, which I am borrowing for a second round,is How to be French written by fellow Australian Margaret Ambrose. This book is one of those instances when fact can truly be as good as fiction and just as hilarious. Reading How to be French you follow the path of a determined Australian Francophile, watching her transform into a sophisticated, and more confident woman. This book truly is proof that to love the language you don't have to be born on the banks of the Seine River. 

To find out more about Margaret Ambrose simply follow this link to her website.