Thursday, 8 October 2009

Learn the Rules, So You Can Break Them

Once in a blue moon I come across such fantastic reading material that it alters my perspective and improves my design ability. One such design guide has been a book borrowed from the library — The Essential Principles of Graphic Design, a book prepared by Debbie Millman.

This book is a worthwhile read for any person studying or even just considering a career in graphic design. I would even recommend that high school students studying Graphic Communication take a look at this book, as it can breakdown design principles with simplicity and great detail.

This book is a realistic assessment of successful design. It includes detailed project profiles, written by the designers. They talk about their experiences with development, dealing with ’the client‘ and lessons learnt from each job.

I have long loved working with graphics but I saw design as a flat process. This was because a certain understanding eluded me. After reading this book I find myself grasping design principles with greater ease. Now I look forward to seeing new developments in my illustrative work, thanks to the information I have taken from this book.

I will be returning this book to the library today. Though I intend to return to this book for a second read, and even a third… You know what? I'll just have to place this book on my Xmas wish list.

So the next time you are at your library check out The Essential Principles of Graphic Design. If the library does not stock this book then throw yourself bodily on the ground, tug at your hair and beat your chest, demanding that your life will not be complete unless they get in Debbie Millman's book.

Postscript: Debbie Millman has a blog over at, so sneak a peak while you are here.