Thursday, 15 October 2009

My Creative Space...

So, this week I have been sharing my sketch book notes for an art project titled “So Cal Noir”. The above sketches are the latest in that line of sketching. To step back and see the previous sketches, follow these links:
  1. 12/10/09
  2. 11/10/09
  3. 08/10/09
I also developed a little illustration for Curly Pops‘ Blogtoberfest Superpops Challenge. Click here to see the illustration

This week my 23 year old Cabbage Patch Kid doll returned to me, so that she can go to my daughter Gwen. The doll has had a wash and is now sitting on my Table of Responsibility, waiting for a bit of nip and tuck work. What is the Table of Responsibility, you might ask. Well, it is a table covered in things that I said I would fix and make, but just haven't got around to doing. But it stares at me everyday.

I have made a return to Twitter as Emjie79, after I discovered I can Twitter my little Bamboo Wacom tablet illustrations. 

To top off this entry, the other day I posted some fab B&W photos that I took a couple of years ago. You can have a look here.

To see where the Creative Space goodness began simply pay a visit to Kootoyoo.