Sunday, 18 October 2009

Pink October

This lucky duck learnt this morning that she had won a darling headband through the “Save Second Base” giveaway hosted by the fabulous Lara of Her Name Was Lola blogging fame. Just look at that gorgeous headband. I cannot wait to wear it.

In the grand tradition of raising awareness for breast cancer Lara hosted this as a pink giveaway, for which the headband had been designed and provided by Larissa Hill. Larissa is a designer of jewelry, hats, headbands and bags, and you can visit her Etsy shop by following this link.

Following is my poem, which won the giveaway…

Love love, lovely pink,
I do love to think,
of all that pink,
Then I no longer sink.
Everyone raise your glass - clink,
Now let's have a pink bubbly drink.
Love love, lovely pink.