Wednesday, 21 October 2009

What's Hot + What's Not

It is HOT:
  1. Veronica Mars DVD box sets
  2. Chocolate and a cup of tea after dinner.
  3. I have lots to read at the moment. Mags. — IDN, Frankie. Books — Twilight saga, biography of my Grandma's childhood, 100 Classic stories stored on a Nintendo DS cartridge. So many publications and not enough hours in the day.
  4. Going for a walk each day, doing some gym and seeing my transformation into a super hero.
  5. My baby Gwen blowing raspberries — new form of communication for her.


  1. Claire's family coming down with gastro.
  2. Setting back calorie count from above mentioned chocolate.
  3. Air-Con remote control needs a new battery.
  4. Reading about the injustices toward females in other parts of the globe; ie. the so called ‘honour killings’.
  5. Interest rate rise, particularly it being so soon after it being dropped in the first place.

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