Wednesday, 28 October 2009

What's Hot + What's Not

I am now responding to Loobylu's weekly meme: what's Hot + What's Not

It's getting HOT in here…
  1. I recently discovered that 5 volumes of Lucy Maud Montgomery's journals have been published, with kind permission from her heirs. This is a definite for my Xmas wish list.
  2. My baby Gwen's delightful expression (see pictured).
  3. I baked scones this week. Hubby and I ate the scones with jam and whipped cream. Yum.
  4. Old fashioned cursive writing. I want to learn to write words with a ornamental flourish.
  5. A worthwhile read — A Wild Herb Soup: The Life of a French Countrywoman by Emilie Carles.

And now for the so NOTs
  1. Reading Charlotte Brontë's novel The Professor. I was dissatisfied with the uncomfortable ending. I felt that it needed refining — to tie up some loose ends.
  2. Losing a sock. Is there, like, some sort of roving sock black hole in the house? I am beginning to suspect the cat is a clepto.
  3. Vacuuming the house (chore).