Thursday, 12 November 2009

Horoscope in Translation

Although there's a lot going on in your world today, you have the ability to narrow your field of perceptions and drown out much of the noise.
I highly doubt I'll be able to get rid of the tinnitus in my right side ear. I can only drown it out with another loud sound.

Others may be impressed by your apparent calmness amidst the chaotic confusion, and you can use this to your advantage.
It isn't really calmness. It is more like matters going over my head like a plane in stealth mode. If one is oblivious, how can you get upset.

Don't let anyone know if you are lacking in confidence, for everyone else's faith in you will help you perform your tasks even better.
So I just apply some red lipstick (for the confidence boost), teeter around in high heels (don't pester the woman with deadly weapons).Pretend I know what is going on, nod knowingly at everyone and pray that I am not called upon for my opinion.

  • Original horoscope provided by Rick Levine.
  • Smart arse horoscope response by me.