Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The Alphabet Line

I had this wonderful idea for a craft project. I sometimes keep my mind open to potential homemade ideas for entertaining my bub, Gwen. So the latest idea has been a wall hanging of the alphabet — sort of like hanging clothes on the line.

All you would need is string, clothes pegs, card, tacks, and paint or recycled magazines.

  1. To make the alphabet pieces, decorate each piece of card with paint or gluing down pages from old magazines.
  2. Then, with a texta draw an outline of each letter of the alphabet. We need these to be larger than life (so the letters can be seen on the wall), so use one card per letter.
  3. Cut out, around each alphabet piece, following the outlines from step two.
  4. Layout the letters across the ground, spaced a little apart, and line up a piece of string so you know just how much you need. Then cut the string to the length you need. Allow a little extra to the sides for hanging later.
  5. Begin attaching the letters to the string. Either, use clothes pegs, or stapling.
  6. You can now hang the alphabet line of string on the wall. Tie up the ends to hooks, which can go into the wall. If you are not comfortable about placing holes in the wall, you can buy adhesive plastic hooks, which will not damage the plaster.