Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Five By Five

… to quote Vampire Slayer — Faith.

Today I had a laparoscopy procedure, to check for endometriosis. This is because in recent months I had been having irregular (and I might add — painful) periods. So off to the doctors I went to find out what my body was trying to tell me.

Two good things came out of the laparoscopy. Firstly, I don't have endometriosis (Woo Hoo!). Secondly, the cause of my illness were two adhesions, which the surgeon was able to remove (Double Woo Hoo!).

So now I am back home, with hubby taking care of both the bub and myself. Although I am still a bit out of it, and sore from the operation and stitches, I am definitely relieved to have been fixed up. Once I have healed hubby and I will return to our baby project, of making a sibling for Gwen.