Monday, 10 May 2010

Monday Snapshot

Okay, so yesterday I made some pattern pieces for a long sleeve 1-piece body suit for Gwen. Then today I picked up grey and orange jersey knit fabric from Lincraft* and began cutting the pieces out. Hopefully, tomorrow I can begin the sewing. I was going to start the sewing tonight, but I am feeling sleepy right now.

It'll be a big week for me. On Wednesday I'll be having day surgery — a laparoscopy to be exact, so I imagine I will not feel like doing much else for the rest of the week. So I will try to finish Gwen's lil suits as best I can tomorrow.
* I noticed Lincraft had a lot of pretty satin party fabrics on sale, plus some new hairy fabrics that blew my mind. It was so tempting I wanted to pick up a metre of each, but in the end I showed strength,and only bought what was needed. Maybe next time.

Okay, feeling hungry. Gotta go make dinner and snack on something.