Monday, 7 June 2010

Sunday Cooking Storm

Yesterday my family was meant to step out for lunch at Dad's place (beef curry and chicken curry was on the menu). But once the car was packed and everyone had their seatbelt on, the car coughed and wheezed, declaring that it had a head cold and under no circumstances were we going to make it anywhere in time for lunch.

With such an anti-climatic outcome at only 11 in the morning we were at a loss at what to do. We went for a walk, to get some fresh air, and by the time we were home it was agreed we would bake comfort food and eat said comfort food. Michael prepared a homemade chicken soup (he even used a real chicken), he also baked two pizzas, whereas I baked pecan pie for the first time ever.

The soup, pizzas and pecan pie came out perfect, see below evidence of our baking half a second before it got demolished.