Monday, 7 June 2010

Vivi Manifests Beyond

As a lot of us in blogland are aware there is a growing trend toward the homemade, one off pieces when it comes to filling the closet or even the home. Sure we still rely on mass production, but people these days have the knowledge that what they've bought in shop may have been the end of the line of sweatshops and generally speaking unfair work conditions for some other struggling individual.
So having said that, it is nice to hear of a high end fashion designer breaking rank, and saying it how it is. Vivienne Westwood is the naughty darling of fashion. Of course she only seems naughty because she simply does what makes her feel happy, rather than allowing society expectations to oppress her. Is it possible that The way I see it, Vivienne is a visionary who is saying sure have that slice of cake, but not the whole g-d d---ed thing. In our consumerist society we are buying too much, and not appreciating what we do have.
Take a moment today and visit Vivienne's Manifesto which can be found here…