Monday, 9 August 2010

The Latest Buzz

Hey! Hey! Things had been on the quiet side, but now I have a few projects lined up over the next few weeks.

For the very first time I shall be including one of my paintings in an exhibition — the Pink Lady Art Exhibition, which will be a fundraiser for Breast Cancer Network Australia. I am quite excited about doing this. The above painting, which is to be my contribution, was done over three days, between toddler wrangling duties. Next…

On the weekend I drew a few ideas for a Spring/Summer clothing range for my daughter. I was inspired by the early 80s trends (of my own toddler years, and Indian tunics. Today I began the pattern making stage of this lil’ clothing range. Full steam ahead.

What else have I got going? Toy repairs,finishing touches to a scrap book, preparing a visual alphabet book…

I have wanted to produce my own graphic novel for some time now, but was always put off by those nagging self doubts. The other night I spent a good hour writing down my ideas. The next morning, feeling so embarrassed by my crap ideas, I scrunched up the paper and threw into the waste paper basket. Six hours later I find myself scavenging for that paper, so I can rewrite the story idea. It is easy to have a moment of inspiration, but the real work starts when you are trying to flesh the story into something that people might want to read.

I certainly won't be bored over the coming weeks.