Saturday, 4 September 2010

Making It Handmade

Today I had a lovely afternoon out in the city. I had such a good time I didn't even mind the rain.

I won a free entry (thank you Pip, of Meet Me At Mike's) into the screening of Anna Brownfield's film Making It Homemade. It was a thought provoking film, and it was good for a few giggles. I even met the Director herself, who in true craft form decorated her hair with two knitting needles — it was very pretty.

The crafters who appeared in the film provided responses to questions that I subconsciously felt, but never knew how to answer before. I suppose watching this film helped me to understand the craft movement I am gradually being drawn into.

When I was sitting in the cinema waiting for the film to begin, I listened in to bits of conversation around me. One person spoke of her knitting — something that was meant to be a gift. She wasn't satisfied with how it was turning out, so she was going to start again. Another person spoke of friends attending the launch of a new comic book. Why am I mentioning this? Because I want to point out how a film about craft can draw in crowds of strangers who are actually creative and like-minded. You would hardly hear this sort of banter at the screening of a regular Hollywood film.

When the film finished I decided to buy the DVD of Making It Handmade. So glad I did. I can hardly wait to watch it again.

P.S. I am halfway through knitting the baby blanket.

P.P.S. What happens next? Who knows. My mind is brimming with sparks of potential.