Tuesday, 21 September 2010

What's Up Doc?

I have been knee deep in some projects, but I wanted to touch base with you.
One of my projects has been preparing my next zine issue. I actually missed coming out with a Winter issue this year. I am making up for it, by making my Spring issue just a little more special. I hope to finish the zine at the latest first week of October.

The other project has been my embroidery, as you can see below. I didn't know if this was going to work out well, as I am embroidering one of my own sketches, titled So Cal Noir. But, guess what! It is coming out just fine.

Embroidery: In Progress

I also want to share a little bit of retro with you. Yesterday I was under the house, searching for some old badges, which, by the way, made me feel like Alice when she grew too big for the room. I also stumbled across my Jem doll and this poster that came with her.
Oh how I loved Jem when I was a little girl, and I still do. This Hasbro creation has been in my heart since the age of seven. That makes… hold on, let me do the math — 27 years.
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