Thursday, 11 November 2010

Where To From Here

The next few months there will be a shift in focus. Normally I have been able to work on lots of little art projects. But I am taking a break from that.
This of course does not mean a complete time out, from sewing, drawing, cutting, hammering and gluing. In fact there will be more of this.
The time has come for some “home improvements”. An expression that brings joy and can still make you shudder. We are filled with joy just thinking about the end result. As we shudder, anticipating the uncertainty, and anxiety that comes with fixing up the home.
These home improvements some of it will be DIY and there is a lot to do. Following are just some of the things we are looking at doing:

  • Replace old yucky carpet in master and replace with Gunstock Solid Maple floor boards.
  • Fix the tiles in bathroom.
  • Install shelving. Lot and lots of shelving.
  • Convert back yard space into a sheltered entertainment area.