Monday, 20 December 2010

Where is my art book?

Doodly Noodle: Pink Yellow Girl

Not long now. Christmas morning is almost upon us. Things are ramping up around here — getting excited about the big day. And that is just me.

There has been seeking, painting, wrapping, cutting, taping, and baking. The usual carry on for this time of year.
The one thing out of the ordinary has been the non-Australian Christmas season weather the past few days. In fact it has been cold enough to pull out the winter clothes and turn the heater on. I have wondered what it would be like to have a traditional (season wise) Christmas. I just might find out.

What else is going on? Let's see. Having a bit of down time this afternoon. Though I really would like to know where my art book went. A while back there was a lot of shifting of things around the house, what with some of the house projects going on. And now I can't find some of my art supplies. What's an artist to do? I resort to my computer doodling, which can be fun, but isn't the most natural place for me to start my work in.
Barbie Dream House, 1961
I borrowed from the library Barbie: a visual guide to the ultimate fashion doll. It's been fun flipping through the book, finding the Barbie dolls that I once owned, and following the timeline of this doll. Did you know the first Barbie doll house was made of cardboard (including the furniture) that folded down into a portable suitcase? This was wa-ay back in 1961.