Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Her Groove Back

I gotta say, it is nice to take a break from creativity, particularly at the end of the year when everything just seems to come to a head. The transition into the new year is often a time to take stock, and clear the cobwebs.
But by golly, after being in that la-di-da space long enough, I discover just how difficult it is to get the internal pendulum swinging again. Indecision, mental paralysis, artistic block, whatever it is you want to call it. It can be quite a hurdle to overcome.
Luckily last night I finally kicked those slow blahs and began thinking, drawing and planning. Now I am happy to say that I have myself a project to cover me for a few weeks. I will be knitting a skirt for my little girl — and it will be of my own design.