Monday, 31 January 2011

Not So Complicated Today

Usually my mind gets a bit lost and frantic between art/craft projects. And I started to feel that way this weekend. But today I am not going to stress about it — just try to enjoy the moment. Which then led me to start writing just a little bit.

We are about to enter February, and Melbourne is forecast for a 39° day. Ouch! Feel the burn. So indoors it is for today. And should I decide to do any washing it will at least dry outside in two seconds flat. The cat has the right idea…

I have a couple of things to look forward to. Over the weekend I ordered two fabulous craft books:

  • Tasty Crochet — Rose Langlitz
  • Yummi ‘Gurumi — Christian Hayden & Mariarosa Sala
I am hoping to crochet some food treats to go with my daughter's little tea set. It will make her tea parties extra special.

Speaking of crafting food. I was also thinking of making a felt sandwich, as per a tutorial that Myrtle & Eunice prepared a while ago.