Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Wednesday What’s!

What am I doing? Where am I at? Let's see…

— Right now I am blogging and eating a homemade burger sandwich

— Yesterday afternoon I sewed a Barbie dress using an old baby outfit.

— I have been been messing about with my own knitted toddler skirt design. Just getting the thing started takes a few different goes till I am satisfied with the outcome.

— Tonight I will bake a shepherds pie. Yum-yum!

— I am reading Down & Derby, which I bought from Bird in the Hand zine shop. I love roller skating and any association with skates. When it arrived in the mail wasn't I surprised to find the two authors had in fact autographed the book.

— I am also rereading New Moon for the zillionth time. My Twilight saga addiction has yet to fade.

What sort of things have you been busy doing, or even thinking about? Put it out there.