Wednesday, 9 February 2011

My Creative Space...

The past week has been filled with some crafty endeavors. Including making a paper butterfly, love heart badges, and a felt sandwich.

Love Hearts
Paper butterfly
Felt sandwich — Work in progress
Giving recognition where it is due, the following inspired the above mentioned sparks of creativity:

What am I reading?
Handmade Nation by Faythe Levine & Cortney Heimerl

What am I browsing through?
Meet Me At Mikes by Pip Lincolne
Sew La Tea Do by Pip Lincolne

What am I excitedly anticipating?
Tasty Crochet by  Rose Langlitz
Yummi ‘Gurumi by Christian Hayden & Mariarosa Sala

What am I crazy about?
Roller skating (I have just watched Whip It. Twice!)
Pancakes with lemon juice and sugar

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