Thursday, 17 March 2011

Rainy Days

The rain is pouring down on a Saturday afternoon. The cat is in a mood. The kids are bored. You're at your wits end. What can you possibly do to satisfy the family?
I can't speak for the cat, but following are a few ideas for the kids entertaining themselves that doesn't involve television and computer games.

  1. Make a newspaper/magazine.
  2. Draw a treasure map.
  3. Paddle pop stick puppets.
  4. Create a board game.
  5. Be a fashion designer for the day — draw a clothing range.
  6. Design a dream doll house.
  7. Construct a doll house out of tissue boxes.
  8. Paper doll making.
  9. Felt badge making.
  10. Fabric and straw ‘flower’ necklace making.
  11. Playing dress ups.
  12. Building an indoor cubby out of old bed sheets.
  13. Get everyone into the kitchen and bake a cake.
These are just a few ideas from top of my head. What other rainy day activities can you think of? Lets continue this list. Leave a message in the comments section. You can even link to a craft project that you have done or blogged about before.