Wednesday, 30 March 2011

What in Autumn?

What is going on with the weather, lately? I know I say this every single year in March, but that is only because I keep forgetting.
On the first of March I fully expect the leaves to  have turned brown and fallen to the ground over night. This of course does not happen.
What does occur is a battle of wills between hot and cold. The evenings may be cooling, but for a good many weeks the month of March is in denial and allows the sun to continue shining so brightly during the day, that the house heats up, the fans switch on and my daughter is running around in a state of half undress.
Come on Autumn which way are we going to have it? At the moment life feels like a Katy Perry song. You know the one, called “Hot and Cold”.
At the moment I am knitting a beanie for myself, but it feels weird to be knitting on a warm day. It's like trying to eat a roast on Christmas day in Australia, which is just really strange. I don't want to be knitting on a warm day. I should be knitting in cool weather. That way I will be more motivated to finish that beanie within a few days.