Monday, 11 April 2011

Clock Craft

One of my daughter’s many obsessions is ‘clocks’. Wherever we may be she will point out a clock. She even refers to a wristwatch as a clock. So, since she is learning to count I thought she would love a craft clock that can be played with. This is how it was done…
You will need:
·      Paper plate
·      Card
·      Texta pens
·      Metal paper binding pin
·      Sewing needle

1. Mark the centre point of your paper plate with pen or pencil.
Create a tiny puncture in this point using a needle.

2. Draw, colour and cut out the clock hands on card.
Create a tiny puncture near the end of each hand, using a needle.

3. Grab the binding pin.

4. Insert the pin into the small hand, big hand, then the paper plate.
Fold down the metal on the opposite side of the plate to close the pin.
Carefully move the hands around the plate to loosen the pin’s hold.

5. Final touch — write numbers 1 to 12 around the plate edge, just as it is on a clock face. Voila! It’s done.