Monday, 18 April 2011

Monday Musings

Monday! Monday! Here we are again.
Well now. What is going on with this weather, I ask you. Sure the evenings drop to a decently freezing level, but then what about today. It has been like a perfect spring day.
So, what have I been up to? Let me see…
Gwen and I made a trip to Landcox Park. I hadn’t been there in a very long while. It was Gwen’s first time there, and she thoroughly enjoyed herself. It is such a lovely spot. Michael and I affectionately call it the duck park for one very obvious reason — ducks live there. Years ago Michael and I used to ride our bikes to Landcox Park and have picnics. We even got married at this park.

Old Memories in Landcox Park
The past few days I have been knitting a black ‘n’ pink scarf for myself. I love, love, love it, and can hardly wait till it is finished. It is to be a narrow scarf, and reaaaaaallllllly long.
My Knitting
Last night I finished reading Anne Brontës’ The Tenant of Wildfell Hall on my Nintendo DS. Now I am on to Jane Eyre written by Charlotte Brontë. I love reading these classics on my Nintendo DS, especially late at night, when there is nothing left to do. It’s like a book and night-light all rolled into one.
There are other things I want to do. Perhaps later this week I will make a list. I haven’t made a list in such a long while. I like a list. It provides me with a bit of order in a world full of chaos.